• Rebecca Logan
    Rebecca Logan Principal

    Hi I’m Rebecca. Having been in the real estate industry for more than a decade I’ve seen the industry change dramatically. Property Management is now much more complex and about providing a complete experience for our clients. Thorough procedures, effective communication and continual training are paramount. We believe it’s about the experience for all of our clients.

  • Mel McIntyre
    Mel McIntyre Property Manager

    Hi I’m Mel. I’ve been in the Property Management industry for eleven years now. I love working with clients to help achieve their dreams. Since joining Renting Here I’m loving our task based roles. It allows us to work as a team and ensure we all have an understanding of all the properties and our clients. It also allows me to focus on the tasks that I’m truly passionate about. At Renting Here we want all of our clients to Enjoy The Experience!

    I’ve recently started selling homes to give our clients a complete real estate experience within the company.

  • Cheryl Reid
    Cheryl Reid Property Manager

    Hi, I’m Cheryl.  I have been in real estate for seven years now. I came from a lifelong corporate career in finance in Melbourne and at 55 made a lifestyle change and moved north and started by career in Real estate here in Townsville.  I have found at Renting Here we work efficiently as a Team to achieve the best outcomes for our owners and tenants.

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